Hello! I made this site to help you identify things you don't know, because the only way to learn new things is to first find out what you don't know. Try out a set of questions below and learn something new!

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what's this?

All of us have a lot of things about computers we don't know. And the whole giant list of things I don't know used to feel overwhelming -- how could I even start on this list? It's so big! And often it's hard to find the time in a busy day to learn something new.

this is an invitation to open up the box of things you don't know

I made this questions site to help with the "giant list of things to learn and no time" problem. Each set of questions is an invitation to take 10 minutes to open up the box of things you don't know, take a few small things out, and learn a little more about them! I've intentionally made the questions a little bit hard, to make it more likely that you'll be able to find something that you can learn.

and to let go of "I should know this already"

My other goal with this site is to chip away a bit at the idea "I should know this already". A lot of the questions here are fundamental things about how the programs we use every day work. You may not know some of those things yet. That's very normal! I learned what position: absolute does in CSS recently, even though I'd been writing HTML/CSS on and off for 16 years. I felt a bit silly! But I learned, and it wasn't "too late", and now I know a bit more about CSS and I feel more able to tackle the even more things I still don't know.

learn one new thing today

If you learn just one thing from a set of questions, that's great!! The only way I've ever learned anything is one thing at a time. There are also links to more reading attached to some of the question sets, if you find yourself with a lot of time / energy you want to use to learn more about the thing.

And if you don't have the time or energy today -- it'll still be here tomorrow .